God is Back..!!

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मान म सृजाम्यहम

The above renowned dialogue was ‘delivered’ by Lord Krishna to Semi-Lord Arujn, at the time of Mahabharat’s great war (18 days in real, and B R chopra ‘sahab’ lasted it for two years by showing 94 episodes), explaining him that whenever righteousness will be defeated or taken place by unrighteousness, or whenever Dharma will be decimated, he will reincarnate and will teach people the definition of Dharma ‘by hook or by crook’. (Don’t confuse Dharma with Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications).

Time has come. God is planning to come back and take hold of respected Dr. Manmohan’s government (I added this “respected” later, you never know if he reads it someday and gets impressed 😉 ). Because this is not a Tretayug or Dwaparyug, God wants a ‘jhakkas’ entry for his next inning. He wants his entry to be as hit as ‘Dabangg’. He called up for a round-the-table meeting and started discussing how he should reincarnate this time.

One good looking God’s minister (scale 2) raised his voice & said, ” My Lord,  you should be  reborn as an actor this time & I am sure the purpose will be fulfilled as people follow actors more than God (He shown the twitter’s data). And to minimise the risk factor, you can take insurance from Kuber too. ”

God said with joining his eyebrows, ” I don’t think this is feasible, in the era of aamir, salman & shahrukh khan, I have least chances. And I really can’t rely on any director after seeing Raavan.”

Another minister with better scale proposed, ” My Lord, how about being a sportsman as there is no director needed? ”

God smiled sarcastically & said, “ Did you read yesterday’s newspaper. Sachin made 200 & gave a remark of playing cricket until he is enjoying it.  Do you think I can do better? And please don’t ask me to choose other sports, as even a gold medal in CWG won’t be sufficient to prove myself as God. ”

Now it was the time for God’s favourite minister to say something. He proudly said (with straight neck and strong shoulders), ” My Lord, I understand the seriousness of your reincarnation, and I know that taking birth as an actor or sportsman, won’t solve the purpose. So, considering the seriousness of this issue, & doing SWOT analysis, I come to the conclusion that you should opt either for taking birth as a Politician or Saint “.  He continued, “Human beings are very emotional, and they hardly come across with good politicians. They even get hyper watching ‘Nayak (Movie)’. So, I am sure they will be overwhelmed by a good politician. And becoming a noble saint (with Yoga skills) goes with your personality and will get you hundreds of thousands of followers. ”

Breaking the silence of almost two seconds, God sadly said, ” My favourite minister, I appreciate your views, but I am afraid of ‘India TV’ which can any time shatter my image of being a saint or politician. I am also scared of facing Prabhu Chawla (Seedhi Baat, Aaj Tak), who can interpret anything of whatever I will say. Actually, I am afraid of whole electronic media, who can prove me devil if they want. ”

That meeting has been going on since long time…Can you propose anything ?????


PS: This is mere imagination and didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s emotions. If it does, then also, I don’t give a damn. 😛 This is part 1 & I will update my blog with part 2 very soon.


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