Human Emotions & Relations..!!

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” quoted by Barack Obama before or after winning elections. I am sure he is the first person who convinced millions of people ‘at a time’ to take the meaning of change in more literal terms.  However, we, as human, have been ready to adapt to change since our birth. We are getting used to it. And not only ‘used to’, now, we want change in everything. It’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter. We need a change. Everything is going perfectly fine, but still we need a change.  The height of desperateness for change is even our emotions with our relationships are by-default demanding ‘change’.

There could be some relationships, which are made in heaven but all the emotions are genuinely chosen by us. And we didn’t observe but our emotions keep changing without reasons or for those reasons which don’t make any sense. Whatever relationship is, close or new, formal or old, we automatically change our emotions for it. Like economic cycle, business cycle, recycling, life cycle, I am sure there would be a sunny day when we will read about cycle of emotions. And this will be taught by our great economists with the help of graphs showing “change in emotions” on X axis and “relationships’ closeness” on Y axis. You never know if this really happens!

In the category of heaven made relationships, there are only two nominations: Parents-son/daughter & Siblings. Rest all other relations like mama, chacha, tau, bua, fufi, mausi etc. lost their charm to come into this category. Many of us consider these relatives as enemies, critics, or even ‘competitors.’  If we talk about parents, they have so many expectations from their children.  Even children keep appreciating their expectations until they believe in give-take relationship. Children keep demanding things until they start earning and parents never say ‘NO’. And once children start earning, that’s the end of give-take relationship. Emotions change themselves. Parents, who kept fulfilling demands of cycle, byke, car, music system, games, cricket kit, etc. by sacrificing their own needs, are left alone with their expectations. Initially, they sacrificed their needs to make their children happy and to build their (children) career and later, children sacrificed parents’ needs for their career and happiness. Earlier, parents use to desire for a boy as a child so that he can fulfill their dreams but with change in time, they realized that they are wrong. Whatever, at least this helped females in getting equal position with males.  This could be another reason along with literacy for accepting girls as a child for many parents.

After parents, we share strong bonding with our siblings. From sharing common bed to sharing bath-towels, we always get a good friend with whom we can play or fight. However, our emotions change this time too. Either with a twist called marriage or with the goddess of wealth, i.e. money, we change dramatically. We ‘grow up’ and become more ‘professional’ in our relationships with our siblings. We don’t have time to sit and share our happiness with our siblings, but we have all the time to talk to our bf/gf, watching matches or freaking out with friends. Yes, I know that fights for getting better air-gun, better cycle, better book-cover or more crackers on Diwali come to an end but those were our happiest moments. I think we don’t need those moments any more or do we?

See, how our emotions change for our own heaven made relationships. This is not good and worst part is we know that this is not good, but still we are flowing with this unwanted change.  I wish God would have gotten better planning minister who could have sponsored/enabled heaven made relations with heaven made emotions.


PS: This is part 1 and I will update this blog with part 2 very soon.


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