ExtraMarital Affair is IN..!!

Date: 30th February, 2084       FutureTimes NewsPaper     Matrimonial Section

Wanted a responsible person, who earns good and holds a reputed position in MNC (No Call Centers or KPOs with night shifts), age below 35, drinks expensive scotch (No beer please), must have his owned property with one farm house, must have any good sedan with chauffeur, bank balance in 10 figures (documents required for proof, you can submit High Income PAN card), No kids preferred,  for my beautiful and sexy (with make up and branded clothes)  wife who never had extramarital yet. Photographs and contact details can be provided on demand. No brokers/agents please.”

“Hey you son of lizard, I don’t look sexy without makeup ?… what the ****..how dare you mention this in Newspaper..” wife yaps while throwing a newspaper on his ‘current’ husband’s face.

Husband reacts insanely, “so..what would I have done.. I have been writing fake information about you for last 2 years but you never got good extramarital..all for 2 months or 3 months..”

He clarifies further with raising his eyebrows, “See, government and society can’t push me for this.. law only says that I have to put efforts in getting you an extramarital affair..its your bad luck baby, and it’s your poor figure and your wrinkles, which are not letting you get one permanent extramarital…And, please do something with your attitude, the last ‘candidate’ was saying that you are looking for 2 extramarital affairs at a time…  ”

“Assshit! Get your bl**** ass out of here…I will file for divorce again” Wife continues yapping.

“wowwwwwww, divorce!!! Again!!! Please do that.. I am ready to pay another million for this..don’t forget, you have already given me divorce for 4 times, and this time if you do that again, you have to pay me a big compensation… ”

“Oh baby! I am sorry..!! Please erase whatever I said..you know me na.. I am suffering from Emaphobia..So just get hyper sometime.. Please help me in getting someone who can really take care of me.. pleaseee.. you promised in court.. pleaseee”

Husband smiles sarcastically,” You *****, don’t play with words.. I will see what I can do.. I have already forwarded your portfolio to some agencies too.. They will call you soon.. but pleasee do something about your attitude… and listen.. you told me about your friend.. would she be interested in my next extramarital affair…??”


PS: Written from no personal experiences :P, Just some weird observations & imaginations… 😛 😉 😀


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